Greater danger to life due to cyanide: recall campaign for apricot kernels

Greater danger to life due to cyanide: recall campaign for apricot kernels

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Increased hydrocyanic acid content found: recall of "MorgenLand" apricot kernels
The food producer "Ege Sun" is calling back apricot kernels under the "MorgenLand" brand. An increased content of toxic hydrocyanic acid was found in the product. The consumption of this substance can have serious health consequences, it can even lead to death in small children. This recall is not the first of its kind.

Increased cyanide content found in apricot kernels
The food manufacturer "Ege Sun" has announced a recall of apricot kernels (organic) of the "MorgenLand" brand. According to a statement by the company, an official inspection "found an increased content of hydrocyanic acid in two packs". This substance can be dangerous especially for children.

Purchase price will be refunded
"Our incoming goods analyzes showed no deviations, the values ​​are within the permitted range," the company writes.

"For reasons of preventive consumer protection", the article "MorgenLand sweet apricot kernels, organic, 250g", with the following expiry dates / batch numbers:

13.09.2017 (L161948), 18.09.2017 (L162030), 08.12.2017 (L162785), 08.01.2018 (L162786), 08.04.2018 (L170875), 07.07.2018 (L171781)

This information can be found on the back of the packaging. The manufacturer advises "not to consume the product and return it to the respective sales point". The purchase price will be refunded.

“MorgenLand” apricot kernels had also been recalled for hydrocyanic acid a year ago.

Cores for cancer therapy
Hydrogen cyanide (hydrogen cyanide) is highly toxic and, according to health experts, can lead to health problems and cause symptoms of intoxication, especially in children.

Some people use apricot kernels to prevent the spread of cancer. However, scientists from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have warned of such dangerous cancer therapies.

The nuclei form cyanide in our body, a substance that, according to EFSA, is toxic and can even lead to death.

Cyanide poisoning can be fatal
“Cyanide poisoning can result in nausea, fever, headache, insomnia, thirst, sluggishness, nervousness, various joint and muscle pains as well as a drop in blood pressure. In extreme cases it can lead to death, ”write the experts.

According to studies, 0.5 to 3.5 milligrams (mg) of cyanide per kilogram of body weight can be fatal.

EFSA experts estimate that adults can consume three small apricot kernels (370 mg) without exceeding the so-called acute reference dose ("ARfD"). For toddlers, this amount would be 60 mg, which is about half of a small nucleus.

According to EFSA, the normal consumption of apricot fruits does not pose a health risk for consumers.

“The kernels are the seeds inside the apricot stone. It is obtained by cracking and removing the hard stone shell, which prevents the seeds from coming into contact with the fruit, ”the experts explain. (ad)

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