This helps prevent stress and effectively prevent burnout

Recognize and avoid stress to prevent complications
Stress is a constant companion in many people's everyday lives. It is not uncommon for those affected to develop mental and physical problems as a result of constant stress. In order to avoid this, countermeasures should be taken early. It is important to identify excessive stress at an early stage and take appropriate measures to avoid stress.

With excessive psychological stress in the job or in the private environment, stress arises. "Having short-term stress is normal and not harmful to health," reports the Freiburg University Hospital. This so-called acute stress is part of working life. Professor Dr. explains when stress becomes a concern and what can be done preventively or in acute situations. Claas Lahmann, Medical Director of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital Freiburg.

Short-term stress harmless
According to the results of new basic research, acute short-term stress, such as occurs during a job interview, is even advantageous in terms of performance and ability to learn, reports the Freiburg University Hospital. However, the load could also become too great, which goes hand in hand with the feeling that the requirements no longer met. "The strain is then so great that the mental and physical stress can no longer withstand the pressure," explains Professor Dr. Lahmann.

Avoiding stress should be a priority
According to the expert, the best way to combat stress is to avoid it. “Sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and a little exercise to balance. A lot has already been done, ”says the stress researcher. Increased little breaks at work would also help to avoid stress. Here, a short conversation with colleagues about weekend plans can help as well as getting up briefly and drinking a glass of water. Stretching your back a little in between brings temporary relaxation and afterwards you can continue to concentrate.

Chronic stress is a health risk
According to Professor Dr. Lahmann, however, also needs managers when it comes to stress, because they can provide significant relief at the workplace. The praising of the employees is already having an effect here. This increases motivation and reduces the stress level. If the stress becomes a permanent condition or chronic stress, it is unhealthy for our body, Lahmann continues. In addition to psychological complaints, back pain, headache and neck pain as well as gastrointestinal problems and sleep disorders may be mentioned as possible signs of chronic stress.

Methods of avoiding stress
As a method to counter chronic stress, according to Professor Lahmen, for example, progressive muscle relaxation is suitable, in which the tension should be reversed into relaxation. "For example, clench your fist for five seconds, release the tension and enjoy the relaxation," explains Professor Dr. Lahmann the principle. Stress can also be eliminated with the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Various relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation are part of the therapy here. At MBSR, the exercises are designed to help you get involved in situations without evaluating them, so that stress cannot arise in the first place, reports Professor Dr. Lahmann.

Recognize excessive stress and seek help
In order to initiate countermeasures, according to the expert, it is first of all important to recognize whether people suffer from chronic stress. "Observe whether complaints occur more frequently or are new," Lahmann warns. A new job, for example, could trigger stress reactions. According to Prof. Lahmann, if the stress symptoms become permanent and the problems are repressed and feelings such as emptiness are added, urgent medical help should be sought. Because maybe the symptoms are a sign of a burnout.

Help for burnout patients
In Freiburg, the special clinic of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy offers help with burn-out. Here, patients who feel completely burned out can be helped, says Professor Dr. Lahmann. During the outpatient examination and treatment appointments, a detailed discussion takes place with a therapist, in which the steps that follow are also clarified diagnostically. For example, psychotherapy can be initiated to help patients “overcome their state of exhaustion and combat stress,” explains the Freiburg expert.

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