Obesity in men significantly affects sperm quality

Obesity in men significantly affects sperm quality

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If men are obese, this reduces the likelihood of pregnancy
When couples want to have a child, women often try to change their lifestyle to improve the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. Perhaps those affected should pay more attention to the men. Because men's health has an extreme impact on the likelihood of pregnancy. For example, if men are obese, the quality of the sperm is severely affected.

Scientists at the Center for Assisted Reproduction at the Krishna IVF Clinic in India found in their investigation that obesity in men leads to reduced sperm quality, which makes pregnancy difficult. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Andologia".

Medical professionals should check fathers' weight before assisted reproduction
The current study analyzed abnormal sperm parameters in overweight men for the first time. The study was based on a computer-assisted sperm analysis. The results suggest that in the future, medical experts should consider paternal obesity as an important factor in the initiation of pregnancy, even before assisted reproduction is carried out, the experts explain.

Scientists examine almost 1,300 male subjects
A total of 1,285 men were examined for the study. The experts found that obese men had a lower amount of sperm, a lower sperm concentration and sperm motility. In addition, increased defects in the sperm could be observed.

Infertile men should check their weight
The health and reproductive capacity of spermatozoa in overweight men are compromised qualitatively and quantitatively, explains the author Dr. Gottumukkala Ramaraju. The results from our current data set suggest that future infertility treatment efforts should initially focus on male weight loss.

Obesity can affect fertility in women
Earlier research had shown that being overweight can affect women's fertility by disrupting the delicate balance of hormones, which affects ovulation and fertilization, the scientists say. Obese women also have a higher incidence of menstrual disorders and so-called anovulation (lack of ovulation).

Consider changing your diet before planning a pregnancy
If overweight couples have been trying unsuccessfully for a long time, you may want to think about changing your diet and swapping unhealthy foods that cause weight gain with healthy foods. Eating fewer fries but consuming more vegetables could make a difference when it comes to starting a successful pregnancy. (as)

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