Turmeric: Yellowish spice just as healthy for the vessels as sports

Turmeric: Yellowish spice just as healthy for the vessels as sports

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Turmeric: Turmeric promotes vascular health
Sport is healthy: regular exercise and a healthy diet promote healthy vessels. An ingredient from Asian cuisine has a very special effect here: According to researchers, turmeric is just as effective for our vascular health as an hour of exercise.

Turmeric for vascular health
According to experts, anyone who wants to do something for their heart and vascular health should exercise regularly and adequately and eat a balanced diet. It has long been known that certain foods, such as those from Mediterranean cuisine, are particularly good for the heart and circulation. But an ingredient that is used for numerous dishes, especially in Asian countries, also helps vascular health: turmeric.

Healing spice for numerous ailments
Turmeric, also called yellow ginger, or turmeric, is a healing spice that is known for its antioxidant and highly anti-inflammatory effects.

The plant is therefore used among other things for arthritis.

But yellow ginger can do even more: As scientists at Monash University in Australia reported, just one gram is enough to optimize his working memory for several hours.

There are also indications that the spice, which is mainly used for curries, has a positive effect on the brain because it prevents the accumulation of certain protein complexes in the brain that promote Alzheimer's.

Furthermore, studies have shown that turmeric can be used to treat liver problems and that the spice works for bowel diseases.

In addition, turmeric is said to have anti-cancer properties.

As effective as an hour of exercise
But that's not all: In a study by the University of Tsukuba in Japan, researchers found that curcumin, an important ingredient in turmeric, is just as effective for our vascular health as an hour of aerobics.

This substance, which is also responsible for the yellowish coloring of turmeric, apparently caused positive cardiovascular changes and a reduced cell death in the test subjects.

Regular intake of turmeric could reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This also reduces the risk of a heart attack.

According to the study, the special effect was found in women who had just gone through the menopause.

The whole thing becomes even more effective if the consumption of turmeric is combined with regular training. However, the scientists pointed out that the exact effects of turmeric on vascular health have not been sufficiently researched. So you shouldn't do without sports. (ad)

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