Mother refused important child immunization protection: prison

Mother refused important child immunization protection: prison

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A mother from Michigan, USA, refused to vaccinate her son, although a court order ordered her to do so. Now she has to go to prison for seven days.

Vaccination obligation
A year ago, a court in Oakland County Michigan ordered: Rebecca Bredow had to give her 9-year-old son eight medically prescribed vaccinations - until last Wednesday.

Religion versus medicine
But Bredow let the deadline pass - for religious reasons. She said to the court: “I am a passionate mother who cares intensely for her children, for her health and well-being. If my child is forced to get vaccinated, I can't put up with it. ”

Ex-husband wants to enforce vaccination
James Horne, Rebecca Bredow's ex-husband, has joint custody and urges to have the son vaccinated.

No understanding
Judge Karen McDonald said to Bredow: “I understand that you love your children. But I think what you don't understand is that your son has two parents and that his father also has something to say. ”

Vaccination under control
The judge granted the father temporary custody of his son and ordered the son to be vaccinated.

Mother doesn't stick to the deal
McDonald also said that Bredow's lawyer had signed the court order ordering the vaccination, which means Bredow agreed. The judge said, "I understand that you will not follow orders, even if you have agreed to them."

Father will have vaccinations carried out
The father's lawyer said, "The court really had no alternative to this action, based on the fact that it showed that you would not follow the court's decision."

Prison for religion
Bredow said: “I cannot act against my religious belief. It's about choices. It's about giving my mother the choice to make medical decisions for my child. ”

Vaccine opponents in America
Opponents of vaccination in the US range from fundamentalist Christians who attack evolutionary teaching to the crazy fringes of the political spectrum and Donald Trump.

Conspiracy delusion
Their myths about vaccinations go hand in hand with other conspiracy fantasies: they think the moon landing is a fake, believe the CIA is hiding evidence of extraterrestrials, and see chemical poisoning in contrails of airplanes. Anti-Jews delusions are also common among them.

Vaccination required?
Vaccination is required in many American states. In Michigan, parents are required to complete vaccination classes to teach them about diseases that are prevented by vaccination before being given permission to refuse vaccination for non-medical reasons.

Not aware of any guilt
Bredow says she did. She and her ex-husband would have agreed to delay their son's vaccinations for three months after he was born in 2008. Two years later, both parents agreed to stop vaccinating and their son would not have had one since then. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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