Nutella recipe changed again: Lighter color and higher sugar content

Nutella recipe changed again: Lighter color and higher sugar content

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New recipe: Nutella is now lighter in color and has a higher sugar content

Nutella has been criticized for years because of its high sugar and fat content. Now the manufacturer Ferrero has apparently changed the recipe for the popular nut nougat cream. The spread is now lighter and has a higher sugar content.

Manufacturer Ferrero has changed the recipe

Nutella was previously advertised with the slogan "naturally healthy", but according to experts, there can be no question of it. The world's best known nut nougat cream has been described several times as a health hazard due to the high proportion of sugar and fat. Now the manufacturer Ferrero "has clearly changed the Nutella recipe for the first time in many years," reports the Hamburg Consumer Center (VZHH) on its Facebook page.

Ingredients from Nutella

"What's actually in Nutella? What about the proportion of hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa, palm oil and "the best of milk" in the total spread of the spread? ", The Hamburg Consumer Center wrote on its website.

The manufacturer Ferrero states all the ingredients used on the glass of the product, but not their ratio. The quantity per glass can only be found for hazelnuts and skimmed milk powder.

As reported by the consumer center, the proportion of skimmed milk powder has risen from 7.5 percent to 8.7 percent according to the list of ingredients. The percentage of hazelnuts remained the same at 13 percent.

Spread is lighter now

“Since the color of the new Nutella is lighter, we assume that more milk powder has been added at the expense of cocoa. Cocoa has slipped back in the list of ingredients, ”said VZHH on Facebook.

The manufacturer does not have to specify the exact amount of cocoa. According to the Hamburg consumer center, it has received no response from the producer.

"Obviously Ferrero does not want to grant its customers too much transparency," write the experts.

Sugar level increased

According to the VZHH, it remains unclear whether the contents of the other ingredients such as sugar or palm oil have also been changed.

According to the nutritional table, the sugar content continues to rise to 56.3 percent (previously 55.9 percent), but the fat content drops slightly to 30.9 percent (previously 31.8 percent).

“So Nutella remains a sugar-fat cream,” says the consumer advice center.

Because of unhealthy ingredients in the criticism

Sugar and palm oil were the main ingredients even before the recipe was changed. This can also be seen in the high calorie content. A glass contains or contained 4520 kcal, as reported on the Instagram account "caloriebrands".

Palm oil in particular has come under increasing criticism in recent years as an unhealthy ingredient. According to scientific studies, the ingredient can be carcinogenic. The European Food Safety Authority also classifies palm oil as a possible carcinogen.

France's former Minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal had even called for Boycott of Nutella in the past. "You have to stop eating Nutella," said the politician.

However, it should be noted that Nutella is certainly not the only nut nougat cream that mainly consists of fat and sugar. It usually doesn't look better with products from other manufacturers. The alternative: just make the breakfast spread yourself. (ad)

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