Bake Christmas cookies: Baking yourself saves many calories

Bake Christmas cookies: Baking yourself saves many calories

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Christmas bakery: save calories when baking yourself
Many Christmas cookies have a high sugar and butter content and are therefore very high in calories. This need not be. Those who bake themselves can consciously choose the ingredients. At the same time, it also depends on the variety. Gingerbread dough is much lighter than shortcrust pastry because it contains less butter. Coconut macaroons and anise cookies are usually lower in calories than other Advent treats.

Colorful sprinkles and chocolate icing are a nice decoration, but they provide an extra portion of calories. A healthy alternative are dried fruits, nut splinters, fresh ginger, amaranth, quinoa and chia seeds. Last but not least, calories can be saved by using baking paper instead of greasing the tin.

If you want to outsmart yourself, use small cookie cutters for the cookies. Then less is automatically eaten. Conscious enjoyment - for example with a cup of tea in the afternoon - also helps to ensure that you don't snack too much. Nevertheless, you shouldn't be too strict with yourself during Christmas. Those who pay attention to a balanced diet as a whole can also enjoy one or two cookies more - and without a guilty conscience. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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