The surgeon engraves his initials on the organs during the operation

British medic is on trial in Birmingham

A unique case is currently being negotiated in Birmingham (UK): A British surgeon left his initials on their organs in at least two patients during an operation. The doctor had engraved his abbreviation “SB” into the liver of those affected with an argon laser. The case was uncovered when another victim had to undergo surgery.

Colleague discovers initials during follow-up intervention

The story sounds incredible: while his patients were under anesthesia, a British medical doctor engraved his initials on their organs using a laser. As the British daily "The Guardian" reports, 53-year-old Simon Bramhall admitted in court that he had abbreviated "SB" in two cases for the liver he had transplanted. The doctor was exposed when a colleague discovered the letters in one of the victims as part of a follow-up operation.

No effects on organ function

The renowned liver, spleen and pancreatic surgeon used an argon laser for the engraving, which is normally used to prevent bleeding during the operation, according to the newspaper. In how many cases the doctor actually left his initials remains unclear. Because the laser markings have no adverse effects on organ function and usually disappear on their own, the sheet informs.

The accused rejects the charge of assault

At a hearing before the Birmingham court, Simon Bramhall admitted to having his acronym engraved on the organs of two liver transplants in February and August 2013. The accused admitted that he had acted unethically and criminally - but pleaded "not guilty" when he was charged with assault.

The doctor was suspended from his post at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2013 after a colleague discovered the initials “SB” in one of the victims' liver operations during a follow-up operation. According to prosecutor Tony Badenoch, this is an unprecedented case. The actions required skill and concentration and were performed in the presence of colleagues, Badenoch said, according to the Guardian.

Confidence of patients misused

Bramhall's actions, as Elizabeth Reid of the UK public prosecutor said, would constitute an abuse of the trust that the patients have placed in him. “It was an intentional use of illegal force on a patient during anesthesia. His actions to mark the livers of these patients in an entirely unnecessary way were deliberate and deliberate actions on his part, ”said Reid.

The court found the surgeons guilty, but the verdict will not be given until January 12, 2018. (No)

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