Around 9 symptoms indicate unhealthy coffee consumption

Around 9 symptoms indicate unhealthy coffee consumption

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Coffee is healthy - however, too much coffee is harmful
For most people, enjoying coffee every day is essential. Some studies indicate that coffee can even protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. But it is like red wine, if you drink too much of the black and caffeinated drink, you can damage your health. We show which symptoms indicate that coffee consumption is too high.

"Would you like a coffee", it says when you take an office appointment or invite friends at home. Coffee is an ideal drink that, on top of that, can stimulate the conversation through its invigorating effect. But be careful, coffee can also be unhealthy.

An amount up to 400 milligrams per day is harmless - this corresponds to about 4 cups. This amount stimulates thinking, protects the liver and protects against cardiovascular diseases, as some serious studies have shown. But those who consume more than this amount harm themselves. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the amount. These signs indicate whether we have had too much coffee.

Those who have drunk too much coffee experience the following symptoms:
1. Stomach pain, because the bitter substances contained attack the gastric mucosa
2. Shortness of breath because blood pressure is too high
3. Involuntary twitching of the eyes due to nerve irritation
4. Heartbeat because caffeine stimulates the heartbeat
5. Palpitations and restlessness
6. Anxiety and agitation
7. Nervousness due to nerve irritation
8. Migraines due to effects on the vascular tone
9. Headache from too much caffeine

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, you should stop drinking coffee immediately. The number of coffees per day should also be reduced step by step. If the symptoms described then subside, it may have been due to excessive coffee consumption.

If the symptoms persist, you should contact a doctor, as other causes are also possible. (sb)

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