Brain-dead woman has another baby shortly before she dies

Brain-dead woman has another baby shortly before she dies

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Meningitis: Brain-dead woman gives birth to a healthy child and dies

Around two years ago, a woman in Poland who had been brain dead for almost two months gave birth to a healthy baby. At that time, experts spoke of a medical sensation. A similar case from Berlin is now reported.

Brain-dead woman kept alive for almost two months

At the University Hospital in Wroclaw (Poland), around two years ago, a woman who had a brain tumor and was declared brain dead was kept alive by the doctors for 55 days so that her offspring could be born. Only after the boy was born did the doctors stop taking life-saving measures for the mother. At that time there was talk of a medical sensation. Now the baby of a brain-dead woman was born in Berlin.

Expectant mother contracted meningitis shortly before birth

According to media reports, 25-year-old Franziska L. should give birth to her third child in a few weeks.

But this did not happen because the young woman contracted meningitis before birth and was brain-dead within a very short time.

However, doctors managed to save her daughter.

Pneumococcal infection

According to the information, the young woman complained of a headache and neck pain after a celebration with relatives and friends.

The mother-to-be apparently initially thought the complaints had to do with her pregnancy.

However, pneumococcal infection with meningitis was diagnosed in the hospital.

Serious diseases caused by dangerous bacteria

Pneumococci are bacteria that in many cases cause infections such as sinusitis or otitis media.

However, potentially life-threatening diseases such as meningitis and blood poisoning can also be caused by these bacteria.

"Pneumococci are transmitted like a flu infection by droplet infection - for example when coughing or sneezing," writes the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on its website "".

“The bacteria are found in the nasopharynx of many people without them becoming ill. Therefore, they can also be passed on by healthy people, ”it continues.

Antibiotic treatment

“Pneumococcal diseases can be treated with antibiotics. However, resistance is increasing, making the medication less effective, ”said the experts.

Treatment with antibiotics apparently did not work for Franziska L. either. In the hospital, her condition deteriorated rapidly.

Finally the young woman was declared brain dead. As various newspapers report, the doctors were able to save their baby by caesarean section. (ad)

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