Study: Dark chocolate increases our eyesight

Study: Dark chocolate increases our eyesight

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People see better by consuming dark chocolate

There are many people who like to eat chocolate regularly. For most people, taste is likely to be the main reason for consuming chocolate. Recently, however, there have been more and more statements that dark chocolate can also have positive effects on human health. Researchers have now found that eating dark chocolate increases adult eyesight.

Is it really possible that chocolate consumption increases adult visual clarity? In their current study, scientists from the University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio found that eating dark chocolate leads to improved eyesight in adults. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "JAMA Opthalmology".

Small study included 30 subjects

For their study, the scientists examined the effect of dark chocolate consumption on the eyesight of 30 healthy adults. These subjects consisted of a total of nine men and 21 women. The participants were at an average age of 26 years. None of the subjects examined had a history of eye diseases, the experts add. During the examination, the participants had to eat either dark chocolate or milk chocolate in two separate sessions. The test subjects were then subjected to an eye test two hours later.

Dark chocolate improves the visual sensitivity to contrast

The results of the people who consumed dark chocolate showed that the visual contrast sensitivity of those affected improved compared to those who ate milk chocolate. The scientists explain that visual contrast sensitivity describes the ability to read small and large letters at different contrasts. In other words, the participants achieved a slight improvement in visual acuity by eating dark chocolate.

Why does dark chocolate improve visual acuity?

However, the researchers were unable to determine exactly why the consumption of dark chocolate can improve visual acuity. According to the theory of the scientists, an improvement in the retina, visual pathway and / or cerebral blood flow could help to improve the bioavailability of oxygen and nutrients for metabolically active centers.

Even a small dose of dark chocolate will improve

The results of the study show that a single dose of dark chocolate improves the visibility of small, low-contrast targets within just two hours compared to the consumption of milk chocolate, the doctors explain. However, the duration of this difference and the clinical relevance remain uncertain, the authors of the study explain.

More research is needed

The research team believes that more research is now needed to better understand the effects of dark chocolate consumption. However, it is already clear that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. These are known as so-called flavonoids. These flavonoids reduce inflammation, improve heart health and lead to better cognitive function, the scientists explain. Another study recently found dark chocolate to be effective against stress and inflammation. So, what are you waiting for? Now you should have enough excuses to justify your chocolate consumption, after all, it not only tastes very good, but also has a positive effect on our health. (As)

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