Created naturally: 58-year-old woman gives birth to a healthy baby

Created naturally: 58-year-old woman gives birth to a healthy baby

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"Miracle of Leverkusen": 58-year-old gives birth to her first child

A 58-year-old woman gave birth to a child in Leverkusen. Both the mother and the boy are doing well. According to the clinic, the woman got pregnant naturally.

Mother and child are doing well

The average age of mothers continues to rise, but what is reported from Leverkusen is very unusual. A 58-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy son there on Friday. “The boy was born with a weight of 3,360 grams and a height of 53 centimeters. Mother and child are doing well, are currently recovering at our maternity ward, ”wrote the Leverkusen Clinic in a message entitled“ The Miracle of Leverkusen ”.

Became a parent for the first time

“The special thing is that the mother reports that she got pregnant naturally at the age of 58. Many women have long gone through menopause at this age, ”it continues.

According to media reports, the child's father is said to be 72 years old. According to the information, the two had become parents for the first time.

In advanced age women can often be fertilized artificially if they want to have a child.

So also a 65-year-old Berliner, who gave birth to quadruplets about three years ago, who have developed well.

Health risks

Health experts repeatedly point out the dangers that threaten the pregnancy of older women. For example, the likelihood of gestational diabetes increases.

Statistically speaking, the risk of malformations and chromosomal disorders increases with the age of the mother. This becomes particularly clear in the case of trisomy 21.

In addition, the risk of premature births and miscarriages increases. (ad)

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