Crooked teeth: what can help permanently?

Crooked teeth: what can help permanently?

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Nice, straight biter for all ages

Whether young or old - many long for a flawless smile and straight teeth. However, the biters like to turn, tilt or shift and thus not only disturb the aesthetic appearance, but also the bite. This is remedied by fixed or removable braces. In the meantime it has become the standard for children and adolescents, however, the appearance of the wire frame often causes surprise in adults.

The older generation increasingly expresses the desire to correct misalignments. This development is also observed by Dr. Mirela-Oana Nilius, specialist in dental aesthetics, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. In the following, the expert from the Nilius practice clinic in Dortmund explains how teeth are shifted and how malpositions can be corrected for young and old.

One problem - many causes

Often caused by premature loss of milk teeth, long intensive sucking or congenital jaw misalignment, crooked teeth often cause problems later. "In addition, the patients' jaws often turn out to be too small or too narrow, which is why the teeth do not find enough space and shift," reports Dr. Nilius.

As a result, dirty niches form, which lead to inflammation of the oral mucosa and trigger diseases such as caries or periodontitis. Tooth defects also lead to pronunciation errors of sounds such as S or Z, which, however, effectively remedies a bite correction. “In order to minimize such problems at an early stage, the tooth position is also checked at every check-up. Whether or not orthodontic treatment is necessary depends on the severity. As a rule, however, regulating measures take place after changing teeth. In the case of more serious malpositions, the milk dentition can be pre-treated with removable braces for a limited period of time, ”emphasizes the orthodontist from Dortmund.

No more crooked teeth

Outside and inside, fixed or removable: The selection of braces is diverse and often difficult for patients. “The best known are probably the stick-on brackets, which we attach to the teeth with a special adhesive and then connect with a thin wire. Visible in the front area for children and adolescents who like colorful with bright colors, transparent aesthetic or inconspicuous on the inside of the teeth in adults, they allow larger and more complicated tooth movements such as horizontal shifts or rotations, ”explains the specialist at the Nilius practice clinic.

Often, however, those with a lot of customer contact want more discreet alternatives to the plate-wire construction and resort to invisible solutions such as transparent plastic rails. Completely invisible to the naked eye, these are primarily used to fine-tune slight corrections. The rail can be easily removed for important appointments without being attached by rubber, clips and wires. Eating and brushing your teeth are also made easier by this simple handling. (sb, pm)

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