High season for bladder infections - wet swimsuits are often the cause

High season for bladder infections - wet swimsuits are often the cause

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Cystitis is currently in high season: change wet swimwear

The current sweaty heat wave ensures full outdoor pools. Unfortunately, the summer bathing season is also accompanied by an increase in bladder infections. A health professional explains how to avoid such infections.

Prevent bladder infections

Already in grandmother's day, people were warned not to sit on cold floors because they can catch cold on the bladder. But there is also danger in summer. Because the bathing season is unfortunately also the high season for bladder infections. The reason is often wet swimwear, like Dr. Wolfgang Reuter, health expert at DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung explained in a message. Therefore, wet swimsuits and swimming trunks should be changed immediately after swimming.

Change after bathing

When the wet things dry, the water evaporates on the skin, causing cold. And that causes the pelvic area to cool down very quickly, explains the doctor.

The consequence of this is that the blood circulation is reduced, which leads to a weak immune system in this area.

Then bacteria and germs can get into the urinary tract more easily and cause a bladder infection (cystitis). It is therefore advisable to change clothes after swimming.

Girls and women are affected more often

Mostly, girls and women are affected by inflammation of the urinary tract, which is often accompanied by urinary problems and fever.

Men are less likely to fall ill because the pathogens have to travel a long way to the bladder. But you should also change your swimming trunks after swimming.

Sick men feel, among other things, a constant urge to urinate and pressure problems in the bladder area.

Natural remedies help

In the past, the disease was almost always treated with antibiotics. Nowadays, doctors often advise trying certain pain relievers first. But there is more that can help with cystitis.

Dr. Reuter advises drinking a lot and emptying the bladder regularly and completely, as this clears the urinary tract.

The healing can also be supported with over-the-counter herbal medicines from the pharmacy.

With a mild course of the disease, there are also numerous home remedies for cystitis with which you can treat yourself.

For example, nettle tea, bearberry leaves or juniper can have a healing effect. According to experts, cranberries also play a special role in natural remedies.

If the symptoms do not improve within a few days, those affected should consult a doctor.

Men should always seek medical attention

Dr. Reuter also points out in the message that men should always get bladder infections medically treated, since this is often caused by prostate ailments.

Affected children should also see a doctor, because if left untreated, the kidney pelvis can become inflamed.

And in pregnant women, infections can get to the kidneys faster, which in turn can cause premature labor.

You should therefore see a doctor immediately. (ad)

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