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The arms form the so-called upper extremities of humans. The arms are divided into three different sections: upper arm, forearm and hand. Between the upper arm and forearm is the elbow joint, which contributes to the enormous mobility of the arms. What is also important here is the special nature of the shoulder joint, which enables movements in almost all directions. Wrist, wrist joints and finger joints are particularly important for fine motor skills when gripping and other activities with the hands or fingers. The movement of the arms while walking helps to maintain balance.

The arms are used almost continuously in everyday life, whereby the muscles and joints are exposed to considerable loads. In particular, repeated incorrect loads, such as those caused by unfavorable postures when working on the computer, are an increasing cause of complaints in the area of ​​the arms. The excessive strain on individual muscle groups results in their hardening and the tense muscles lead to increased pressure on the surrounding connective tissue structures, nerves and blood vessels. For example, pinching a nerve can cause pain or discomfort such as numbness or falling asleep in the hands. Compression of the blood vessels results in poor circulation, which can also be accompanied by pain, numbness or tingling. In the long run, incorrect loading in the arm area may also result in damage to the bone substance or to the joints, which is accompanied by arthritis and corresponding impairments of the affected joint.

Forearm pain in particular can often be identified as a result of incorrect strain, although some professions (e.g. bakers, hairdressers) but also certain sports (e.g. golf, tennis) are at increased risk here. The symptoms are known as tennis elbow, tendonitis, golfer's elbow, mouse arm or carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to the pain in the forearm area, elbow pain can also be noticed. Upper arm pain can also be caused by incorrect exercise, however, a heart attack should also be considered as a possible cause, especially if accompanying symptoms such as severe heart or chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting are noted. (fp)


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