Plastic parts found: Iglo calls back frozen cream spinach from the supermarket

Spinach could contain sharp-edged plastic parts
Precautionary recall at Iglo Germany: As the well-known frozen food manufacturer currently reports, two plastic batches of spinach could contain white plastic parts from a conveyor belt. Specifically, these are certain packages of "iglo cream spinach, lactose-free variant, 550g", the message said. All other products are therefore not affected. Consumers are asked to destroy the relevant products at home.

Two batches affected
The frozen food manufacturer iglo Germany is currently calling back its "iglo cream spinach, lactose-free variant, 550g" and warns of consumption. As the company reports, these are packs with a best before date of 04.2018 and the codes "L6101AJ005" and "L6102BJ005" specified on the packaging page. However, all other coding of the product as well as other spinach variants or products from iglo are not affected and according to the information can "be consumed without hesitation".

Dispose of relevant spinach packages at home
The reason for the precautionary recall are two white plastic parts (approx. 15 mm long and approx. 10 mm wide), which originate from a conveyor belt in the production plant and could possibly be found in one of the affected packages. Since the parts could be sharp-edged, "there is a certain risk of injury when chewing or swallowing," warns iglo. The trade and the responsible authorities were accordingly informed. Consumers are asked not to bring relevant packages of lactose-free spinach back to the market, but to dispose of them at home. The purchase price for the named product and any postage costs incurred would be reimbursed by the company. (No)

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