Stiftung Warentester: New EM fan make-up very often contaminated

Stiftung Warentester: New EM fan make-up very often contaminated

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Fan make-up and adhesive tattoos sometimes contain prohibited substances
Bad news for football fans: At the beginning of the 2016 European Football Championship, the Stiftung Warentest unfortunately published a very unpleasant test result. Accordingly, health-critical or sometimes even banned substances were found in the popular EM make-up and in adhesive tattoos. Accordingly, all twelve tested products were affected. But the foundation gives tips on how fans can still adorn themselves with the flag of their country without taking any risks.

Five products receive a "poor"
If you want to decorate yourself with the colors of your home country or colorful adhesive tattoos on the occasion of the European Football Championship, you should be careful. Because the fan articles currently available everywhere are anything but “clean”. This was the result of a recent review by the Stiftung Warentest. According to a message from the foundation, the experts found pollutants in all tested products, some of which were even prohibited. It was tested seven times EM make-up and five times adhesive tattoos. Five times, the testers had to give the judgment "Inadequate", five other products just made it "Sufficient". Only two fan cosmetics received a "satisfactory" and thus the best grade in the test. These are the Uefa make-up pencil by Lidl and tattoos by Kik.

Mineral oil hydrocarbons in every fan make-up
The main problems were polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and plasticizers, some of which are banned in cosmetics due to their health concerns. Nevertheless, the examiners detected the prohibited PAH naphthalene in eight products, four of them also contained prohibited plasticizers, and one contained a prohibited solvent. All samples from Fan-Schminke were also contaminated with aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (in short: Moah), which are considered to be potentially carcinogenic. Nevertheless, according to the foundation, there is “no immediate health risk”. Because "the fan painting is normally used a maximum of seven times - that is how many games the teams complete that make it to the final," the message said.

Avoid lips and eyes
If you want to be recognized as a fan of "your" team, you should therefore choose one of the two "satisfactory" products on the advice of the foundation. Especially when children use the fan utensils. For safety's sake, make-up and tattoos should not be applied to the lips or close to the eyes, as they may contain dyes that irritate the mucous membrane. In addition, the pollutants mentioned can get into the body more easily through the mouth and eyes. Accordingly, fans should be particularly careful with broken skin, warns the Stiftung Warentest. (No)

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