Sweet and tasty: It is better not to store cherries in a plastic bag

Sweet and tasty: It is better not to store cherries in a plastic bag

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Not in a plastic bag: store healthy cherries correctly
Cherries are extremely popular among Germans. They taste fresh, as a cake topping, compote or jam. The fruits have few calories, but are rich in vitamins and minerals. Experts explain what to look for when buying and storing.

Cherries are popular with German citizens
Cherries are very high among many Germans when it comes to popular fruits. Sweet cherries in particular tempt you to snack. However, they can also be processed. They taste excellent as a cake topping, compote or jam. They can also be used for desserts or pancakes. On hot summer days, the fruit is ideal for low-calorie, light dishes such as a cold cherry dish. The fruits not only taste delicious, they are also very healthy. Experts have a few tips on what to consider when buying and storing.

Do not keep in a plastic bag
Cherries should be sweet and juicy, but never mushy. Therefore, the fruits should be kept in the plastic bag only briefly or not at all. “In contrast to many other types of fruit and vegetables, the storage time is not extended by storing them in a plastic bag. Because an air exchange and a removal of moisture is important, because otherwise the fruits rot quickly, ”explains the Provincial Association of Rhenish Fruit and Vegetable Farmers on its website.

Always buy with a stem
In addition, the red fruits should always have a stem, otherwise they will quickly bleed out. Cherries taste best when eaten fresh, but they can also be kept in the fridge for a few days. If the cherry season is too short, you can also freeze the pitted cherries. The fruit is low in calories and rich in nutrients such as folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and B and C vitamins. The secondary plant substances contained in the cherries are said to have a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. (ad)

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