What really relieves back pain

What really relieves back pain

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New training program for back pain
Back pain has become a real common ailment. Symptoms are often caused by poor posture and insufficient exercise. The number of people who need to be treated for such complaints has increased significantly in recent years. Now a new program for back pain is to be tested. Test subjects are still being sought.

Most of the back ailments are muscular
Back pain can sometimes be psychological, but health experts say that over 80 percent of these ailments are muscular. Experts therefore usually recommend exercises to avoid pain. If symptoms develop, special back pain exercises or heat therapy can help. Further tips for back pain: avoid or lose weight if necessary and exercise regularly.

New training program for back pain
Scientists from the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) and colleagues now want to test a new training program against back pain. For this they are still looking for subjects. "Regardless of whether it is a lack of exercise, incorrect stress or stress - back pain has different causes and affects many people," says a statement from the university. According to the information, researchers have developed a new training program for those affected in a nationwide study in which the RUB is also involved. Bochum's sports scientists are now looking for at least 250 subjects to test the effectiveness of the program.

Subjects wanted
Participants should be between 18 and 65 years old and have had back pain for at least three days in the past year. Interested parties can inform themselves by e-mail at [email protected] or at 0234 32 22 080 and 0234 32 22 469 and register. According to the information, the duration of the study is one year with a total of five test units, each lasting two hours. The test tasks of the test subjects include stability and balance exercises for the spine. In addition, two thirds of the randomly selected participants also take part in a twelve-week training program. Here, the RUB researchers want to use the subjects to do exercises on unstable surfaces, which are used in particular to control and monitor movements.

Exercises are then carried out at home
The training is said to take place over three weeks with three training units each at the Ruhr University. The participants then carry out the exercises at home independently for nine weeks. The RUB sports scientists are participating in the test series in a nationwide study by the National Research Network for Medicine in Spine Exercise, Mispex for short. The study goes back to an initiative of the Federal Institute for Sports Science. (ad)

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