Metabolism: No real weight loss despite intensive diets and exercise?

Metabolism: No real weight loss despite intensive diets and exercise?

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If you simply don't lose weight: stimulate your metabolism!
Sometimes it just doesn't work out: despite healthy eating and regular exercise, the extra pounds remain on the hips. According to experts, those who want to lose weight should not only reduce their calorie intake and exercise, but also stimulate their metabolism.

Help you lose weight
People who want to reduce their body weight often try different diet programs, which tend to avoid carbohydrates or fat, for example. Sometimes tricks like small plates can help you lose weight. Instead of eating from a large plate, which consequently fits a large portion, it makes sense to use a smaller breakfast or cake plate when losing weight. The food amounts appear larger on it, although there is actually less on the plate than a larger one. "Visually oriented people will certainly benefit from this optical trick!" Explains nutrition physiologist Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) in Potsdam-Rehbrücke.

Regular exercise also helps with weight loss. According to studies, sport eliminates constant hunger. Muscle building can also help you lose more pounds, which is why experts often recommend special strength training.

If the pounds just don't want to tumble
But sometimes it's like bewitched: despite healthy eating and regular training, the pounds just don't want to disappear. The cause of this could be a "bad" metabolism. However, according to experts, a well-functioning metabolism ensures weight loss. Metabolism - also called metabolism - determines how the substances from food are converted and processed in the body. How well it works is genetically determined, among other things, but is also influenced by your own lifestyle.

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Stimulate the metabolism
In order to stimulate the metabolism, the main advice is to drink plenty of water. A high hydration helps detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. In addition to water, you can also use unsweetened teas. It should be two to three liters a day. If you sweat a lot due to living conditions such as hot climate, the fluid requirement is even higher.

Basic nutrition and sports
Experts advise eating a lot of basic foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be on the table daily. Smoothies are also suitable, but only in moderation and only if they are not too high in calories. It is also important to eat regularly.

The metabolism can also be stimulated by sport. Among other things, Nordic walking or swimming are available here. Aqua fitness is also ideal because the body increases its metabolism in the water in order not to cool down.

Ensure healthy sleep
Since too little or irregular sleep disturbs the metabolic processes, it is essential to ensure a good night's sleep. Experts recommend sleeping at least six to eight hours a night here.

Very important: take care of stress relief! Stress is one of the biggest stumbling blocks if you want to lose weight. In stressful situations, the body releases, among other things, the hormone cortisol, which above all promotes the dangerous inner belly fat. Good ways to relieve stress include yoga or progressive muscle relaxation. (ad)

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