Unconventional therapy: roller coaster helps against painful kidney stones

Unconventional therapy: roller coaster helps against painful kidney stones

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Roller coasters can prevent painful kidney stones
Kidney stones can be associated with severe pain. In some cases, they have to be removed surgically, but simple means are often enough to get rid of the stones. In a study, US scientists have now found that roller-coaster riding against kidney stones can also help.

Drink plenty of water
According to the German Society for Urology (DGU) and the Professional Association of German Urologists (BDU), almost every 20th citizen suffers from kidney stones "once or more in a lifetime". To prevent the stones, it is advised to drink a lot. Proper nutrition is also important. Studies have shown that plant food protects against kidney stones. US researchers have now found a much more amusing way of prevention: roller coaster.

Roller coaster ride against kidney stones
Earlier this year, researchers from the United States reported that more and more young people are suffering from kidney stones. The doctors suspected that the increase in diseases is caused by insufficient water intake. German experts also see it this way: Drinking too little creates kidney stones. It also depends on what is drunk, because kidney stones are favored by sugary soft drinks and similar drinks.

According to health experts, most kidney stones are excreted in the urine all by themselves. They rarely need to be surgically removed. Drinking a lot is one of the methods to support the spontaneous stone exit. Roller coaster rides can also help, as US researchers have found.

Shaking helps to remove stones
According to Professor David Wartinger from Michigan State University (USA), shaking during a roller coaster ride helps people to naturally excrete kidney stones with their urine. The annoying deposits disappear before they cause serious health problems.

The expert came up with the idea that this method could help after patients told him that they had lost kidney stones after a ride on the roller coaster, the university said. "I even had a patient who said he lost three different stones after driving them several times," said the doctor.

Twisted 20 rounds with silicone kidney
To find out what was wrong with the patient's claims, Wartinger and his colleagues carried out an experiment for which the team used a 3D printer to create a silicone model of the kidney of one of these patients. This was filled with three kidney stones and urine.

They then did a total of 20 laps on the "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" in Disneyland (Orlando / Florida), the roller coaster that Wartinger's patients had reported so unusual.

Various factors play a role
The scientists found that the movements in different directions made it easier for the body to excrete the kidney stones with the urine. The effect also depended on the size and starting position of the stones. The seat also played a role, as the researchers reported in the journal "Journal of the American Osteopathic Association". According to the experts, however, the journey must not be too violent. (ad)

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