Addiction conference: E-cigarettes are anything but harmless

Addiction conference: E-cigarettes are anything but harmless

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Addiction conference "Abstinence - Consumption - Control": E-cigarette not harmless
In recent years, more and more people have started using e-cigarettes. Many of them hope to be able to use it to wean themselves from cigarettes. But the electric vaporizers are not as harmless as is often claimed. They don't usually help smokers quit either.

Are e-cigarettes helpful when quitting?
Again and again experts point out that e-cigarettes can make it easier to stop smoking. British scientists recently published a study that concluded that the electronic vaporizers are helpful in quitting. On the other hand, scientific studies have repeatedly found that e-cigarettes are not harmless.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric evaporators
If even experts find it difficult to develop a uniform position on the advantages and disadvantages of the e-cigarette, it is all the more difficult for laypersons. The German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS) has now published a position paper on the use of e-cigarettes.

It states: “Based on current studies, DHS can only recommend e-cigarettes as a strategy for harm reduction (harm reduction) to a very limited extent. Only smokers who cannot or do not want to quit can reduce their damage by switching to e-cigarettes - but only if they switch completely to e-cigarettes. "

Stopping smoking is the best form of health protection
The electric vaporizers are therefore only of limited use as "helpers" for reducing or even giving up tobacco consumption. At the same time, the experts warn against the long-term use of e-cigarettes. “Because e-cigarettes are not harmless. The best health protection is still stopping smoking. "

The paper was also presented at the "Abstinence - Consumption - Control" conference in Erfurt. Around 470 conference participants discuss the issue of abstinence or controlled drug use. (ad)

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