Blue-green algae - An effective natural skin saver

Blue-green algae - An effective natural skin saver

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The genus Spirulina platensis demonstrates protective shield functions
If we take a closer look at the skin, our shell and interface with the outside world, there are a variety of different problem areas. Here you can try with countless care products and active ingredients to provide relief for various skin ailments. A relatively new approach is the use of active ingredients from the blue algae Spirulina platensis to ensure healthy and beautiful skin.

The dermatologist and dermatologist Professor Dr. Kristian Reich (Dermatologikum, Hamburg) explains to what extent body care with algae products makes sense for us. The "Beauty Doc" Dr. med. Timo Spanholtz (specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, practice clinic at the Rosengarten, Cologne) adds what contribution the active ingredient of blue-green algae can make in the areas of scar care, skin rejuvenation and tattoo care.

Healthy and beautiful with the blue-green algae
The microalgae Spirulina platensis has been at home on our planet for 3.6 billion years and is a true survivor. Her struggle against bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as dealing with extreme climate fluctuations over billions of years, has shaped her. “The almost unimaginable number of years that Spirulina platensis already exists on Earth gives an idea of ​​the highly effective and effective defense mechanisms this microalgae has developed. This can produce substances that mediate a kind of their own cell protection and accelerated cell regeneration, ”emphasizes Prof. Reich.

But where is the natural protective effect of Spirulina platensis used in skin care? UV rays damage the cells and cause the skin to age prematurely. The regenerative properties in the form of cell protection and repair counteract these harmful influences and help the skin to protect itself against premature aging. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are strongly inhibited by products that contain the patented active ingredient Spiralin®. This even applies to those germs that are resistant to conventional medication. "New data show that the extract also contains substances that protect human horn cells from infection by herpes viruses and that a cream containing Spiralin® has a prophylactic effect against cold sores," reports Prof. Reich.

The active ingredient from the microalgae
Spirulina platensis is also used in a special shampoo against irritated and itchy scalp. Germs that can trigger itching are suppressed and the regeneration processes of the scalp are supported. A face mask is used for the natural and gentle removal of superfluous dandruff and the reduction of pores without disturbing the natural protection of the skin. For daily care for everyone who has problems with dry skin on hands and feet or on the body or who gets pimples after shaving, the active ingredient is available in a light gel and in a absorbing foam. Even in the treatment of wart-sensitive skin or nail infections, the active ingredient shows astonishing effects in practice. Corresponding care series with the blue-green algae active ingredient "were specially developed for problem skin and represent a new treatment principle that combines a sustainable improvement in cell activity, i.e. the skin's ability to regenerate, with highly efficient protection against microbial influences", summarizes Prof. Reich.

The alga as a miracle healer?
Scars are unpleasant souvenirs of events that you usually don't want to be reminded of for life. A special and high-quality scar care with blue-green algae extract promises to help. “In the beginning there was the wish of our patients that after aesthetic operations such as breast enlargements, facelifts, breast and tummy tucks, they did not want to see any visible scars. Of course, flawless skin is part of an aesthetic body. Right from the start, this was the goal of our years of research into the perfect recipe for optimal scar care, ”explains Dr. Spanholtz. The process of scar healing is lengthy and sometimes very stressful for those affected. Post-operative treatments often still focus on healing the wounds, but unfortunately care and treatment of the scars are often neglected. The scar care products with the blue-green algae active ingredient (Scarcare®) offer a new, innovative approach.

When it comes to scar healing, one speaks of “maturing” rather than “healing”, explains Dr. After a long process, the scar adapts more and more to the normal surrounding tissue. "Proper care is crucial for the result," says Dr. Spanholtz continues. The expert recommends starting scar care early and supporting the scar tissue with healing in a targeted and consistent manner with sensible measures. So you should combine the massage of the scar directly with the right scar care. The affected area must be protected from harmful UV radiation. “That plays a fundamental role in scar care. Use a UV blocker to avoid unsightly pigmentation of the affected area or work directly with scar care that has integrated UV protection, advises Dr. Spanholtz.

Dr. has also dealt with the treatment of older scars, such as acne scars on the face, chicken pox scars, large pores on the skin or old scars on the body. Spanholtz prescribed. "Together with leading medical device manufacturers, a rather active treatment concept for complex skin changes was developed," said Dr. A combination of the blue-green algae ingredients with a so-called "invasive medical needling" also provides a significant improvement in the results. “Old scars are smoothed out and partially disappear completely. Pores are flattened and refined, the skin looks significantly younger, ”explains Dr. Spanholtz, who as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery sees himself challenged every day with questions of this kind.

In addition to the postoperative treatment of scars, there is another segment in which quick healing and care can be ensured by the recipe with the blue-green algae: tattoo care. "From a medical point of view, the tattoo is a large wound!" Spanholtz..With up to 8000 stitches per minute, color is brought under the skin with a needle. The resulting small wounds have to heal, whereby it is important "in the time after the tattoo with a special active ingredient care, such as the proTAC® care series to support this process, ”explains Dr. Spanholtz.

Avoiding itchy crust formation and quick healing are top priorities for tattoo care. However, maintaining color fastness also plays an important role. “There are three phases to the tattoo healing process. In the first phase, the skin should be prepared for the upcoming procedure and the healing should be supported in advance. The second phase begins immediately after the tattoo is stung. Here, crust formation should be avoided and the color pigments should be protected and should not be damaged by incorrect care. The third phase is to be understood as long-term care, says Spanholtz. "If you want to preserve the color intensity of the motif, protection against harmful UV radiation is of fundamental importance," explains the expert. If you enjoy your tattoos for a long time and want to be proud of your own body art, you should be well advised to support the healing and preservation of colors from the start with the right care. (pm)

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