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Myths? Sperm smoothies for the prevention of colds

Myths? Sperm smoothies for the prevention of colds

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English vegan drinks sperm for colds
Cough, runny nose, body aches: colds are really not pleasant. Health experts advise that the immune system be strengthened to protect against such diseases. A woman from England thinks she can do this by drinking a drink of male sperm every day.

Protect from colds
Especially in the cold season, many people suffer from a cold. Headaches, fever and sore throats can turn everyday life into torture. Health experts are happy to give recommendations on how such diseases can be avoided. You can prevent colds, for example, by always keeping an arm's length away from infected people. Above all, it is important to strengthen your own defenses. An Englishwoman has a somewhat strange method for this.

Support the immune system with sperm
According to a report in the British Daily Mail, 29-year-old Tracy Kiss drinks a smoothie every morning, which is spiced up with a friend's sperm. The male from Semen is said to support her immune system and thus protect her from colds, the vegan from Buckinghamshire is convinced.

Taste may vary
The single mother said in the newspaper: "I felt really drained and had no energy anymore, but now I am cheerful and my mood has improved." The friend who gave her his seeds for the drink was at first skeptical and thought that she wanted to use it to possibly get pregnant with it.

Tracy Kiss also commented on the taste of the sperm: "It can taste really good - it depends on what my friend ate. My other friends think I'm strange, but I don't care. "

Sexually transmitted diseases excluded
According to the woman, the sperm donor does not smoke and has been tested for sexually transmitted diseases. But when he does have a few glasses of beer, she adds extra ingredients to her smoothie.

"I told him to tell me if he drank alcohol or something pungent like asparagus," said Kiss.

Facial treatment with ejaculate
The British had previously reported on the positive effects of male ejaculate on her YouTube channel. There she explained that the sperm was also suitable for the facial treatment and that she had great success with her rosacea.

"I know that no chemicals have been added. It is as natural, active and lively as possible, ”said Kiss in the“ Daily Mail ”.

According to health experts, this condition - like many other skin diseases - can often be treated with natural home remedies. Relaxation methods for stress relief such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation are recommended.

The medicinal plant of 2017, the seed oat, also helps against rosacea. It had not previously been reported that male sperm should have a positive effect here.

No harmful substances
Even German experts are not really convinced of the alleged miracle cure. This is what the urologist Dr. Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld from Koblenz told “Bild”: “Faith moves mountains. If the young woman feels an effect, it is more likely to be classified as a placebo effect. The fact is: sperm contains nothing that harms the body. It contains fructose, proteins, enzymes and zinc - different substances that are cheap, the sperm are well supplied. ”

Everything is imaginable in medicine
He also refers to the small amount of sperm of around two to five milliliters that are produced per ejaculation: "If you convert this amount to a woman's body mass, it is vanishingly little."

But the doctor also said: “Ultimately, everything is imaginable in medicine. I don't want to say that it's impossible, but I think it's unlikely. ”And“ sperm is also called the “juice of life”. Maybe this idea gives you strength. "

For some people, however, trying the method could have negative effects. For those who suffer from a so-called sperm allergy, which can lead to allergic symptoms such as reddening of the skin and itchy rash after skin contact with ejaculate. (ad)

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