Every twelfth first grader is overweight

Every twelfth first grader is overweight

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Almost every twelfth school child overweight at school
Research has shown that toddlers often consume too many calories and proteins. It is therefore not surprising that children are often too fat when they start school. Health experts especially advise more exercise to address the problem of overweight in children.

Many children are too fat
While children are generally healthier today than they were ten years ago, many are still too fat. Almost every twelfth child in Bavaria is overweight when they start school. 3.3 percent of children of that age even suffer from obesity. This was announced by Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) on the occasion of the 7th Bamberg Day of Sport.

Obesity resulting from lack of exercise
"In recent years, these numbers have stagnated - that means that we are on the right track!" Said the politician, according to a report by the dpa news agency. Together with the "Alliance for Prevention" from 100 Bavarian institutions, associations and organizations, the minister is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

"Because many illnesses are related to a lack of exercise and the resulting excess weight," explained Huml, who is a doctor herself.

As an example, the health minister cited type 2 diabetes, which affects more and more young people. According to experts, exercise is particularly important for affected children.

Common diseases can be prevented in many cases
"Common diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases can be effectively prevented in many cases," said Huml at the launch of the "Alliance for Prevention" last year. The prevention plan is intended to support people "in their decision for a health-promoting lifestyle".

“It is important to me that we pay special attention to those girls and boys who grow up under difficult social conditions. Because social disadvantage very often also means a disadvantage in health opportunities, ”said the Minister.

More exercise for children
Health experts have been trying for years to counter the problem of excess weight gain, especially among younger people. In addition to a change in diet that is supposed to get by with less fat and sugar, most experts recommend more exercise for children to prevent obesity. (ad)

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