Whimsical diet: does losing weight work thanks to fast food?

Whimsical diet: does losing weight work thanks to fast food?

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There are many diets designed to make it easier to lose excess pounds. Many experts argue about whether and how overweight people can lose weight in a healthy way. An American did a really absurd diet. He only consumed fast food for half a year and was even successful. We report how it worked.

Health risks from being overweight
"Being fat is not healthy": This has already been proven in numerous studies. Particularly if you are very overweight (obesity), there are serious consequences such as diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) or fat metabolism disorders. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as a heart attack or stroke. In the search for healthy weight, many people try out very different methods. The most absurd diet in the world was now practiced by an American. He only ate at McDonald's for six months and lost weight.

Do not exceed 2,000 calories
According to a report by ABC 7 News, the students of overweight teacher John Cisna wanted to know if you could only eat McDonald's meals if you could become a healthier person. The American from the state of Iowa accepted the challenge and initially only ate from the range of the fast food chain for 90 days. He consumed about 2,000 kilocalories a day and walked about three-quarters of an hour four to five times a week. In order not to exceed the 2,000 calorie limit, the high school teacher had to fall back on the relatively healthy offers of the group.

"Eat fries almost every day"
As a rule, there were therefore two “McMuffins” for breakfast, a kind of sandwich with egg and ham. In the USA there is the option to order only the protein in the omelet. There was also a small bowl of porridge and low-fat milk. The lunch included a salad and packaged apple wedges or a yogurt with fruit. For dinner, Cisna usually indulged in a typical McDonald's menu. He told ABC 7 News: "I ate fries almost every day." Within the quarter, the teacher had lost almost 17 kilos and his cholesterol levels also dropped. This spurred him on to extend the special diet. In the following three months, he added occasional workouts to his sports program. At the end of the 180 days, he had lost a total of almost 28 kilos.

Link between fast food and asthma discovered
Scientists advise against the special diet
John Cisna summarized his experiences in the book "My McDonald`s Diet" and stated that he only missed seafood and fish at times. Despite the success, nutritionists and medical practitioners advise against the exceptional weight loss method. For example, a study recently demonstrated a high risk of colon cancer from fast food. According to the study by the University of Pittburgh and the London Imperial College, the risk of colon cancer increases after only two weeks of intensive fast food consumption, since the very high-salt, low-fat and low-fiber food has a negative effect on the intestinal flora.

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