Positive effect: a happy partner is good for your own health

Positive effect: a happy partner is good for your own health

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A happy partner promotes your own health
A new study has shown that a happy partner promotes your own health, even if you are not so happy yourself. The scientists assume that this is partly due to the support that you get in a partnership.

Partners have an impact on their own health
Various scientific studies have already shown that a partnership can also affect physical wellbeing. For example, researchers from University College London reported in the journal "JAMA Internal Medicine" that many people live healthier thanks to the partner, partly because they put off unhealthy behaviors. Other research showed that mostly women promote men's health because they care more about healthy eating, smoke less and drink alcohol less often. A new study has now found that a happy partner is apparently particularly good for health.

People with happy partners are fitter
"Happy people are healthy people," says a report from the American Psychological Association (APA), which reports on a US study that concluded that a happy partner promotes their own health - and regardless of how happy you are.

According to a report by the dpa news agency, around 2,000 couples were interviewed for the investigation. According to the information provided, the study participants reported for six years how satisfied they were with their lives, how healthy they felt, how much they moved and whether they were physically disabled.

It was shown that subjects whose partners rated themselves as happy were fitter than others, according to the journal "Psychologie Today" (issue 02/2017).

Motivate for a healthy lifestyle
What was surprising about the result was that partners with a happy partner were in good health even if they were not particularly happy themselves. The scientists do not have a clear explanation of why.

They suspect that happy people can motivate an unhappy partner to lead a healthy lifestyle and give him or her a lot of support. Because that also has a positive effect on your own well-being.

According to the researchers, the new findings expand the existing assumptions about the relationship between happiness and health. "Having a happy partner can improve health just as much as striving to be happy yourself," the APA statement said. (ad)

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