Amendment to the law: Approval for cannabis confirmed by prescription from the Federal Council

Federal Council waves through changes to the Narcotics Act
Doctors will be able to prescribe seriously ill patients on prescription cannabis medicines in the future. As the Federal Government informed in a current press release, the Federal Council today approved the necessary amendments to the Narcotics Act. The aim of the measure is to provide seriously ill people with the best possible care, said Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe according to the message. The costs are reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.

Regulation only possible under certain conditions
Prescription cannabis medicines are released in Germany for the seriously ill. The Federal Government is currently announcing this. According to this, other therapeutic options would have to be exhausted for a prescription or not appropriate according to medical assessment. In addition, the information says that an expected positive effect on the course of the disease or the symptoms is a prerequisite for cannabis on prescription.

Health insurance covers the costs
The prescription is possible, for example, for pain patients as well as for multiple sclerosis or certain psychiatric disorders. The federal government said that patients with statutory health insurance would be reimbursed for the marijuana costs on health insurance.

Agency takes over the import
According to the information, a state cannabis agency, which is located at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), imports the cannabis medicines. Depending on requirements, they would also commission the cultivation of medicinal hemp, buy up the production and resell the products to pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies with the relevant narcotics permits. This should ensure an adequate supply of cannabis preparations of consistently good quality.

Private hemp cultivation remains prohibited
The Bundestag passed the necessary amendments to the Narcotics Act on January 19, after the Federal Government initiated them in May 2016. Today, February 10, the changes were approved by the Federal Council. Home cultivation and use for intoxication purposes remain prohibited. (No)

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