Quite simple: the avocado ripens faster

Quite simple: the avocado ripens faster

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Wrap solid avocados together with apple in paper
Avocado is a real “magic fruit”. It is rich in vitamins, positive fats and minerals. Before an avocado can be eaten, it must be ripe. Experts point out how the process for consumption can be accelerated.

A few years ago, many Germans only knew avocados from holidays in distant countries. But today the popular fruits can also be found in almost every German supermarket. Usually they are still very hard to buy. The tire can be accelerated with a little trick.

Delicious and healthy fruits
Avocados have been growing in popularity for a long time. The fat-rich fruit is consumed neat on bread, as the main ingredient for guacamole or in a smoothie. Fresh avocados are not only extremely tasty, they are also very healthy. In addition to the healthy vegetable fats, the fruit contains numerous vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. Research shows that avocados can help lower cholesterol and are good for blood formation. Canadian researchers recently even tested the use of an avocado fruit lipid - avocatin B - in the treatment of blood cancer.

Tires can be accelerated easily
Above all, avocados are bought because of their taste. In this country, however, they are usually not yet ripe when they land on supermarket shelves. If the fruits are to be used quickly, there is a simple trick with which the ripening can be accelerated. The avocado is wrapped with an apple in paper and the package is then stored at room temperature. This tip can be found in the "Essen & Drink" magazine (November 2015 edition). Apples exude the ripening gas ethylene. This also affects the development of other fruits. This effect on the avocado is intensified by the paper. Other fruits also release a ripening gas. Therefore, for example, tomatoes should not be stored too close to other fruits and vegetables so that they do not ripen too quickly. (ad)

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