Fewer and fewer drugs are exempt from co-payments

Fewer and fewer drugs are exempt from co-payments

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Germans have to pay for more and more medication
It has only recently been reported that health care in Germany is the best in Europe. In view of the costs incurred by insured persons, this is not particularly surprising. Patients in Germany also have to pay more and more for prescription drugs.

Several billion euros in co-payment
Doctors in Germany are prescribing more and more medication. In 2015 alone, every insured person was prescribed medication worth almost 600 euros. As a result, the insured also pay a larger contribution to additional payments. According to the pharmaceutical association Pro Generika, patients had to pay over two billion euros for medicines out of their own pockets in 2014. According to the association, this trend has been going on for years.

The number of exempt medicines has halved
Patients increasingly have to pay for prescription drugs out of their own pockets.

The "Bild" newspaper reports, citing figures from the Pro Generika association and the ABDA pharmacy association.

Accordingly, the number of exempt medicines has almost halved between 2011 and today.

Six years ago there were 7,116 medicines that could be prescribed for patients at no additional cost, compared to 3,646 in 2016.

In total, patients made an additional payment of 2.143 billion euros last year.

Restrictive fixed amount policy of statutory health insurance
The additional payment for medication is - depending on the price of the product - between five and ten euros.

According to Pro Generika "the restrictive fixed amount policy of the statutory health insurance (GKV), which lowers the fixed amounts for pharmaceuticals", is a reason for the frequent additional payments.

Already two years ago, the association wrote in a message: "The number of exempt medicines is decreasing, the patient has to pay for more and more medicines out of his own pocket." (Ad)

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