Gynecologist is said to have abused patients in his practice

Gynecologist is said to have abused patients in his practice

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Gynecologist is in Cologne before the regional court
A gynecologist from Odenthal (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Berg is said to have sexually abused several patients in his practice. Now he has to answer for a criminal case before the Cologne district court since Tuesday. The 63-year-old defendant's license to practice medicine has been suspended since the end of 2013, and he has not been allowed to work as a gynecologist.

Doctor performs illicit acts in the genital area
A 63-year-old gynecologist is suspected of having sexually abused several women in his practice. As the news agency "dpa" reports, the indictment shows that the doctor performed acts in the intimate area of ​​four women with the intention of "stimulating themselves sexually".

No doctor's assistant in the examination room
The man is said to have massaged creams into the genital area under a pretext or to have carried out an alleged examination of the anal area with his finger. According to the indictment, the gynecologist allegedly entered a patient who was lying on her stomach. In order not to be discovered, the doctor had apparently always ensured that no medical assistant was in the examination room.

The doctor from Odenthal, near Cologne, near Cologne, had exploited the relationship of trust with his patients through his actions, according to the news agency. He has not been allowed to work in his profession since the end of 2013 and his license is suspended.

Heavy burden for the women concerned
Due to the allegations, the man is now in a criminal trial before the Cologne district court. It is planned that several women will act as witnesses in the trial, some as co-plaintiffs, the "dpa" continues. On the part of the prosecution, it was emphasized that the practical experience was extremely stressful for the women concerned. According to the statements, a patient is therefore in psychological treatment. However, the trial was interrupted after just under an hour because the defendant's defense lawyer, Kerstin Fabian, contested the occupation of the criminal chamber. Subsequently, she told dpa that her client rejected the allegations.

Doctor convicted of taking secret pictures
Only a few years ago, the trial for a gynecologist from Schifferstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate caused a sensation. The judges saw it as proven that the doctor had taken secret photos of patients over the years for sexual motivation. Among other things, the man was sentenced to imprisonment of three and a half years and then a four-year professional ban for violating the personal living space by taking pictures in more than 1,400 cases. (No)

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