Skin cancer symptoms: Melanomas can act like simple nail fungus

Skin cancer symptoms: Melanomas can act like simple nail fungus

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Have changes on the toenails examined
Skin cancer is very treacherous. With discoloration on the fingernails or toenails, most people think more of a nail fungus. You can get a handle on such a mushroom quickly with appropriate ointments. But it can also be a form of skin cancer. This was pointed out, for example, by a British woman who posted a photo of her thumbnail on Facebook. She writes, "I thought it was just a wart or nail fungus." However, the doctors told her that it was a malignant melanoma. Parts of her thumb had to be amputated.

Alleged nail fungus turned out to be dangerous skin cancer
"I am lucky. The cancer did not spread. I lose half my thumb but the cancer will go away, ”Melanie Williams recently wrote on Facebook. With her post, she wants to encourage people to take discoloration on their nails seriously and have them examined by a doctor. "I don't want your pity. I want to attract attention, ”said the young British woman. "Go and let every change in your skin be controlled. Don't look for excuses, don't leave it to chance. ”

Your social network call has been shared over 100,000 times. "Please do not comment on how brave I am, but share my post so that everyone is aware of it," asked Williams. Last week, she said that more tests were being done and that she might lose more of her thumb.

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer. Experts recommend checking the skin regularly for changes. The "ABCDE of melanoma," can be used, writes "CBS News". "A = asymmetry (asymmetry): a mole whose shape and color is uneven. B = Border: Melanomas have an irregular, shell-shaped or poorly defined border. C = color: deviations from one place to another; Shades of light brown and brown, black; sometimes white, red or blue. D = Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger than 6 millimeters (the size of an eraser) when diagnosed, but they can also be smaller. E = development (evolving): A mole or a skin change that looks different from the rest or changes in size, shape or color, ”explains“ CBS News ”the acronym.

Suspicious skin areas should always be checked by a dermatologist. In addition, statutory health insurers in Germany are entitled to skin cancer screening every two years from the age of 35. (sb, ag)

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