Erasco sliced ​​pork recalled for broken glass

Erasco sliced ​​pork recalled for broken glass

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Recall for broken glass in Eraso sliced ​​pork
After finding individual pieces of broken glass, it cannot be ruled out that the Erasco bowl menu "Pork chops in forest mushroom sauce with red cabbage and spaetzle" contains pieces of glass, warns the manufacturer Continental Foods. As a precaution, the product will therefore be recalled across Germany. Consumption is expressly discouraged.

"This recall takes place as a precautionary measure, in the sense of preventive consumer protection, since it cannot be ruled out on the basis of individual findings that small pieces of glass could be in the red cabbage compartment of the product," the manufacturer's announcement. The product concerned is only the batch with the number L468 1412M1 and the best before date 06.2018. Customers who have purchased the product can return it to the shops without presenting their receipt. The purchase price will be refunded.

Never consume the product
In view of the discovery of the glass pieces in the product, Continental Foods asks consumers not to consume the Erasco bowl menu "Pork chops in forest mushroom sauce with red cabbage and spaetzle" with the batch number mentioned. The batch number is on the left side flap. The pork sliced ​​was delivered nationwide, all other Erasco products or other batch numbers of the above product are not affected.

The manufacturer has set up a free consumer hotline at 0800/5650004. Continental Foods regretted "the inconvenience that the precautionary recall caused to consumers," the company said. However, product safety and quality are top priorities. (fp)

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