Men snoring often cause sleep disorders in women

Men snoring often cause sleep disorders in women

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Many women feel disturbed at night by snoring partners
Sleep problems can have a variety of causes and are extremely detrimental to health. For many women, the partner is apparently to blame for the sleep disorders, according to the result of a special analysis on the current health report of the DAK.

"Snoring by the partner has a major impact on one's own night's sleep," emphasize the authors of the DAK health report. The current special analysis on the occasion of the day of sleep on June 21 showed that every fourth woman (27 percent) feels disturbed by her snoring partner or his movements, according to the DAK. In addition, the data analysis showed that just under a fifth of the respondents (19 percent) only slept for a maximum of five hours at night and one in nine felt disturbed by ambient noise in the bedroom.

Men and women sleep too little
Both women and men sleep too little, the DAK reports. However, adequate and healthy sleep is important because sleep disorders, for example, increase the risk of depression and anxiety disorders. "When looking at the sick leave it becomes clear: Women are missing something more in the job because of severe sleep disorders (insomnia) with difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, poor sleep quality, daytime sleepiness and exhaustion", the health insurance company said. Men, on the other hand, have more sick leave due to sleep apnea. Here, the affected rate is four times higher for men than for women.

Good sleep makes you healthier and more relaxed
According to the DAK, sleep problems, particularly among women, are often due to the partnership. Many women feel disturbed by their partner's movements and snoring during their night's sleep. This can lead to stress in many ways. Conversely, "good sleep also makes you healthier and more relaxed", which "can then also have a positive effect on the health of your partner", says DAK CEO Andreas Storm.

Other causes of sleep problems
In the special analysis by the DAK, the everyday noise (e.g. from traffic) is mentioned as a further sleep killer, by which every ninth person feels disturbed at night. In general, stress and poor sleep hygiene often have a high proportion of sleep disorders. Women are more willing to actively tackle their sleep problems and 14 percent of them consciously engage in rituals before going to bed, while only nine percent of men do so. 23 percent of women also try to reduce stress in order to improve their sleep. According to the DAK, it is only 18 percent of men. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation are also more a matter for women and are on the program for every tenth woman (men: four percent), according to the health insurance company. (fp)

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